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Get Our Best Protection Plan to Insure your iPad and use it freely

Online iPad Insurance with high-risk Cover and Extra Benefits

Apple App Store  iPhone Protection Plan

 iPad is another useful yet costly portable gadget made by Apple. If you have this device you need to take care about the same to avoid risk of damage or theft. The best way to protect your iPad is buy iPad insurance plan and cover with multiple types of risks like lost, theft, water or liquid spills, breakage due to fall or damage due to other sudden actions. We provide best iPad insurance India with extra benefits and maximum cover for best returns.

  • Trouble-free and fast claiming procedure for iPhone
  • Online Insurance Protection Plan Cover across the India
  • Premium Plans for All iPhone Models at Lowest Charges
  • E-policy documents with Hassle-free Documentation Process
  • Full Insurance Cover from iPhone Stolen or Theft in India
  • Completely Cashless Protection against Accidental Damages    
  • Protection Cover from Liquid Spills and Falling on Ground etc.

What Does Insurance Mobiles™ iPad Protection Covers in Stolen or Theft?

Protection for Theft

We know you would prefer to broken down your phone instead of losing or get stolen.

Low Cost Protection

Conversely covering stolen and theft can cost you much higher under the accident protection that may go up to Rs. 40,00 or more.

Locate Your Phone With Us

But under our protection plan with free apps you can easily find your iPhone along with documentation help, then why pay higher fees.

Why Online iPad Insurance in India with Us?

When you choose us to get insurance for iPad you will find the best protection plans at lowest premium charges and maximum risk cover. We provide online iPad insurance India with wide range of cover plans as per the cost and after purchase life span of the device. We offer a cheap iPad insurance plan for different models with highest rate of risk cover and maximum benefits to insured device with hassle-free claiming policy for all the customers.


24x7 Help Service

With Insurance Mobiles you can file a claim online or via phone call. Our round-the-clock customer support is available on one-call or email.

Repair the Device Fast or Replace

A fast repair or replacement policy for quick service delivery.

Fast Reparation Option for Urgent Customers

If you need your iPad urgently we will provide you extra assistance by receiving your mails containing your address to send their iPad via shipment and most of the cases you will get your iPad within the 7-10 working days.



Phones Are a Fragile Item

As per the research 1 in every 3 iPad get damaged or dead due to breakage. And in India in every 2 seconds a iPad breaks.


Damage Fixed or Fast Replacement

Our technicians we will repair it fast as soon as possible.


Fast Mobile Repair Option

If you want to get your device fixed now, send us the details including iPad pictures with full description of your incident of clam. Once the approval comes we will send you the right address for sending your iPad through shipment or cargo air  and most of the cases you can get your iPad in 7 to 10 working days.