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We have designed hassle-free damage insurance claim process for our customers to provide them an effortless entitlement of damage for getting a reasonable cost of damaged device. The damage insurance claim process explained below with the exceptions cited to avoid any kind of slip-up for our esteemed customers.

Step1: You have to keep the invoice of purchased mobile insured with us.

Step2: Note the serial number of your mobile and keep it carefully for the reference.

Step3: To initiate the claim your need to get a FIR copy within the 24-hour of loss of your mobile. Make sure you have FIR not an SDE copy.

Step4:  Now you can approach insurance company with the claiming action and FIR copy. Along with that attach the copy of your insurance having the model number of the same mobile with all the details like date of purchase.

Step5:  Along with these documents you can attach details of current market values of model you lost. This will also help insurance company to ascertain the idea of the current value of the product and compensate with the right amount of damage insurance.

Step6: Also attach copies of English or Hindi translation of the FIR and if it is in another uncommon language you can approach to court with a translator.    

Damage Insurance Claim Exceptions

Please not that Insurance Mobiles covers all the circumstances but still there are few exceptions in that cases damage claim would be not applicable at all. Actually there are more exclusions than there are conditions.

Insurance Mobiles does not cover the following exceptions:

  • Mobile theft from vehicles which are unattended, mainly if the windows or doors of the vehicle are safely not locked. This attributes the fault of the owner’s carelessness.
  • The policy claim will be also not applicable when the phone disappears under the mysterious circumstances. And this exception creates a lot of uncertainty towards the coverage of the policy.
  • Mechanical or Electronic breakdown of the mobile phone
  • User experimenting or overloading with the phone
  • Damage or theft to phones when the phone is used by others or under the possession of third party
  • Damage with the intentional act of the user
  • Phone damage or loss of the phone due to war, nuclear perils, water or water-borne vehicle
  • Damage of phone due to atmospheric conditions, wear and tear, gradual corrosion, inherent defect, vermin or any damage caused while cleaning of repairing the device.